Our Cattery

Our air-conditioned facility is purpose built to be a secure and comfortable home away from home for your cat. Each cat has a spacious indoor unit measuring approximately 2.1m x 1.8m x 1.0m. Each indoor unit has access to a large outdoor run measuring approximately 3m² so that your cat can play outside as well. All owners are welcome to bring some of their cat's familiar home comforts with them, such as their own bed, blanket or toys to help your cat settle in and enjoy their stay (please label all of your cat’s belongings to reduce the chance of them getting lost).


Each spacious indoor unit has a wooden ladder leading to a raised platform area with a bed where your cat can sleep, although elderly or disabled cats can also sleep at floor level. The indoor units are provided with baskets or dome beds, comfortable bedding, food and water bowls and kitty litter trays. Scratching poles can also be provided or you can bring your own from home.


Cats from the same family can either be housed separately or in adjacent, connected units giving them more space and letting your cats choose whether they want to be together or apart.


The grassy outdoor areas are covered with shade cloth and equipped with a play tunnel and a lawn chair where your cat can day-dream and take in the serenity of the surrounding countryside. Your cat will not meet any other cats in the outside run, only cats from the same family are let outside together.


For the more adventurous cats, there is a tree to climb!